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Tünde Virág

Tünde Virág Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Institute for Regional Studies
Changing Patterns of Spatial Marginalization in CEE Countries
Advanced Academia Platform

Tünde VIRÁG, PhD, is a sociologist and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Regional Studies, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (Hungarian Academy of Sciences). She received her PhD in Sociology from the Institute of Sociology and Social Politics of Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, and she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and a Bolyai János Research Scholarship recipient at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences between 2007–2010. Following her research on poverty and ethnicity, social and spatial segregation, and socio-economic transformation of local communities, in 2009 she received the Hungarian Sociological Association’s “Polányi Award”. Her research focuses on different patterns of spatial and social exclusion of Roma, as well as the new pattern of ’regional ghetto’ exclusion. She has also conducted numerous research projects in different Roma communities focused on spatial and social inequalities and social stratification.

Selected publications:

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