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Spyros Tsoutsoumpis

Spyros Tsoutsoumpis Independent scholar
Heroes, Killers, Victims: the national army soldiers during the Greek civil war [1946-1949]
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Dr. Tsoutsoumpis has a PhD in history from the University of Manchester. His research interests are centered on the social, political and military history of South-Eastern Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. He is particularly interested in the creation, role and activities of the armed resistance groups during the Second World War and the history of paramilitary violence in the Balkans from the late Ottoman period onwards.

He has published articles on armed collaboration during WW2, ‘Violence, resistance and collaboration in a Greek borderland: the case of the Muslim Chams of Epirus’ Qualestoria Vol. 2, 2015’, social banditry‘, Land of the kapedani’: brigandage, paramilitarism and the making of the Greco-Albanian border’ Balkan Studies Vol. 51 2017 and   paramilitary violence ‘Political Bandits": Nation-Building, Patronage and the Making of the Greek Deep State, Balkanistica, Vol.30.1 2017.

Dr. Tsoutsoumpis' first monograph, The People’s Armies: A History of the Greek resistance 1942-1945, has just been published by Manchester University Press. The book examines the activities of the Greek resistance armies during the occupation.

Dr. Tsoutsoumpis is currently working on a new book project: a history of the Greek Civil War. The project that uses a broad array of Greek, Albanian, Yugoslav, American and British sources will offer new insights on the origins, development and experiences of the Greek Civil War and shed light to unexplored aspects of this conflict such as the patterns and causes of violence against civilians, the impact of the Second World War to military tactics and the counterinsurgency practices of the Greek government.

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