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Martin Ossikovski

Martin Ossikovski University of National and World Economy
Pre-Miltonian Flashes of the Liberty ‘to Know, to Utter, and to Argue Freely’
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Martin Ossikovski (b. 1978; assistant professor, Department of Media and Public Communications, University of National and World Economy) holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sofia, 2002), a master's degree in Medieval Studies (Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, 2003), and a doctorate in History and Theory of Culture (Department of History and Theory of Culture, University of Sofia, 2009). He has specialised at various educational institutions across Europe, such as the University of Helsinki (Department of History, 2005), Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (History Seminar, 2007), and the University of Oxford (Oriel College, 2007/8). His general research interests are in the field of history of pre-modern political and economic thought, as well as early history of journalism and media ethics. Further information and contact: www.micrologus.eu.

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