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Jordan Kr. Banev

National Music Academy
Adapting Professional Musical Competence in the Transition from Western European to non-European musical traditions
Advanced Academia Platform

Jordan Kr. Banev was born on 6 August 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His secondary education was at the National Lyceum for Ancient Languages and Cultures, and took his BA degree from the National Academy of Music, both in Sofia. Jordan Banev finished the Academy with a baccalaureate thesis on Augustine's views on art, philosophy and theology as a part of his musicology. Meanwhile he began learning Eastern neumatic notation and between September 2000 and January 2004 stayed in Volos, studying the Greek way of neumatic singing and modern Greek language. After that he enrolled as a PhD student in the field of musical aesthetics in Sofia. In 2010 Jordan Banev defended his doctoral thesis on "The musical thinking in antiquity and the patristic age". Since then he has been employed by the National Academy of Music where has been an assistant-professor, lecturer and, after his habilitation in 2012, an associated professor. Jordan specialized in Ottoman Classic music at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul (2005-2006), and then in philosophy and musical pedagogy as a visiting researcher at Balliol College in Oxford (2012-2013). His publications focus on musical aesthetics, musical philosophy and music pedagogy. The latest are on Music as a way of self understanding (or the pedagogical of music), on Sensing the musical time in Folklore and in Byzantine chant.

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