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Iurii Zazuliak

Iurii Zazuliak Institute of Ukrainian Studies
Landscape, Law and Memory: Forging the Local Tradition and the Perambulations of Estates' Boundaries in the Kingdom of Poland during the 15th and 16th centuries
Gerda Henkel Fellowships

June 2008 - Doctor of Philosophy in Medieval Studies, Medieval Studies Department, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). Title of thesis: “Enmity, Dispute, and Noble Community in the Late Medieval Kingdom of Poland: Evidence from the Rus’ palatinate, 15th – beginning of 16th centuries”. (Defense held on June 18, 2008).

June 2004 - Candidate of Historical Sciences’ degree, History of Ukraine; Title of thesis: “The Nobility of Rus’ palatinate in the 15th century”.

June 1999 - M. A. in Medieval Studies, Medieval Studies Department, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)

Current research interests: Violence, Lordship and the Origin of Serfdom in late medieval and early modern Poland-Lithuania; Property borders, legal process and oral tradition in late medieval and early modern Poland-Lithuania; Current state and theoretical debates in the present-day historiography

Selected Writings:

  • “Rebaptism, Name-giving and Identity among Nobles of Ruthenian Origin in Late Medieval Galicia”, On the Frontier of Latin Europe. Integration and Segregation in Red Ruthenia, 1350-1600 / An der Grenze des Lateinischen Europa. Integration und Segregation in Rotreußland, 1350-1600, eds. Th. Wünsch and A. Janeczek (Warsaw, 2004), 47-60.
  • “Knowledge of Law and the Administration of Justice in Late Medieval Galicia,” RUTHENICA 8 (2009), 97-119.
  • “A Discipline without a Past: Medieval Studies in Ukraine,” Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU, ed. J. A. Rasson and B. Zsolt Szakács, vol. 15 (2009), 339-353.
  • „The Frontier Society, Violence and the Crisis of Public Order in the Fifteenth-Century Kingdom of Poland (The Case of Red Ruthenia),” Questiones Medii Aevi Novi vol. 26 (2011), 179-202.
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