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Irina Genova

Irina Genova New Bulgarian University
The look from Bulgaria at Art Beyond the Iron Curtain during the 1960s. An After-History of Art
Advanced Academia Platform

Irina Genova is a professor in Art Studies at the New Bulgarian University and at the Institute of Art Studies in Sofia. Her publications discuss manifestations of modernisms in Bulgaria and in neighbouring countries, as well as contemporary artistic practices. Among her books are: Modernisms and Modernity - (Im)Possibility for Historicising (in English and in Bulgarian), 2004; Tempus fugit. On Contemporary Art and Visual Image (in English and in Bulgarian), 2007; and Modern Art in Bulgaria: First Histories and Present Narratives beyond the Paradigm of Modernity (in English), 2013. Among the exhibitions, which have been curated by her, are: "Nicolay Diulgheroff. The Multiple Artistic Identity", Rome - Turin - Sofia (2008-2010), and "Faces of Modernism. Painting from Bulgaria, Greece and Romania", Bucharest - Sofia - Athens (2009-2010, the Bulgarian collection). In recent years she specialised in New Europe College, Bucharest (2004), National Institute of Art History (INHA), Paris (2005), Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich (2009), Università degli Studi di Firenze (2012).
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