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Hili Razinsky

Hili Razinsky University of Haifa
Subjects and their Interactions
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Hili Razinsky has a PhD in Philosophy (thesis title: Ambivalence, awarded 2009), a Masters in philosophy, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and the Humanities, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her work pertains to Philosophy of mind and language, Ethics, and Social philosophy. It combines several Analytic and Continental approaches, and interacts with various fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research interests include ambivalence, personhood, basic rationality, belief, emotion, consciousness, action, value, language and communication, interactions and relationships, and tension-fraught dialogues and truths of various sorts.

Selected writings:

  • ‘Conscious Ambivalence’, Human Studies (2016, forthcoming).
  • ‘On Martha’s Nussbaum’s Aeschylus and Practical Conflict’, Ethics 125(4): 1164–1167.
  • ‘A Live Language: Concreteness, Openness, Ambivalence’, Croatian Journal of Philosophy 2015 (15.1): 51–65.
  •  ‘An Outline for Ambivalence of Value Judgment’, The Journal of Value Inquiry 2014 (48.3): 469–488.
  • ‘The Behavioral Conflict of Emotion’, International Philosophical Quarterly 2014 (54.2): 159–173.
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