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Dimitar Tasić

Dimitar Tasić Independent scholar
Violence as Cause and Consequence: Comparisons of Anti-Communist Armed Resistance in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria After the Second World War
Advanced Academia Platform

Dr. Tasić’s primal research interests are related to history of Yugoslav armed forces both in mid-war monarchy and post-WWII socialist federation, their role within broader social context, and influences on foreign and domestic policy especially in relation to Yugoslav position during the Cold War period.

He received his PhD from the University of Belgrade and has worked for many years for the Serbian Military History Institute/Strategic Research Institute. He has published more than 60 publications (monographs, articles, bibliographies, conference papers, encyclopedia entries, and reviews) and participated in more than 20 international conferences. As research associate he participated in four major research projects and in organization of several international conferences.

He is member of editorial boards of Serbian journals Military History Review and Heritage and member of Conflict Study Working Group, a Euro-Atlantic association of Strategic Research Institutes and National Defence Academies.

In 2014 he was awarded with Irish Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship. From 2014 untill 2016 as IRC Fellow he worked at University College Dublin Centre for War Studies on a book project that situates the Yugoslav experience of paramilitaries after the Great War in broader Balkan context.


  • Co-authored with Dr. Ivan Laković, "The Tito-Stalin Split and Yugoslavia's Military Opening toward the West 1950-1954": In the NATO's Backyard, Lexington Books (imprint of academic publisher Rowman & Littlefield as part of Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series). ISBN: 1498539343, 9781498539340
  • "Информбиро и Југословенска (народна) армија, Зборник докумената"  [eds.] Милан Терзић, Михајло Басара, Дмитар Тасић, (Cominform and the Yugoslav Peoples Army, Collection of Documents) Службени гласник, Београд  2015; ISBN: 978-86-519-1607-9
  • “Jugoslawien im Kalten Krieg 1945-1961. Staat, Ideologie, Aussenolitik und Streitkräfte“, in: Militär und Staatssicherheit im Sicheritskonzept der Warschauer Pakt-Staaten, MGFA, Potsdam 2010. pp. 91-102. ISBN 978-3-86153-610-9
  • “Post-War Transformation of Armed Forces – Yugoslav Examples” in: Past through Present: Thoughts on Military History at the Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Levels of War, Harold Raugh (ed.), Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum, Vienna 2013, pp. 279 – 289.ISBN 987-3-902551-35-1
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