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Alex Rodriguez Suarez

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Bell ringing in the Balkans: A Forgotten Soundscape from the Middle Ages
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Alex Rodriguez Suarez studied history at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2005). During his BA, and thanks to an Erasmus scholarship, he also had the opportunity to study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He then moved to London in order to pursue his studies in Byzantine history. He obtained his MA from Royal Holloway University of London, where he was also awarded the Joan Mervyn Hussey Prize in Byzantine Studies (2008). He received his PhD from King’s College London (2014). His thesis focused on the Western presence in the Byzantine Empire during the reigns of Alexios I and John II Komnenos (1081-1143).

In 2013 he convened an international workshop on the reign of the Byzantine emperor John II (1118-1143), a period that had not received much attention from specialists. With Dr Alessandra Bucossi (Ca’ Foscari), he is the co-editor of the conference proceedings (Routledge, 2016). In 2015-2016 he was a fellow at the ANAMED (Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations), Koç University (Istanbul), where he carried out a research project on bell ringing in the Late Byzantine Period (1261-1453). During his PhD he also contributed to the Sharing Ancient Wisdoms, a project undertaken at the department of Digital Humanities and led by Professor Charlotte Roueche.

His research interests include a wide range of topics related to the Byzantine world. Among them are cultural exchange between Byzantium and Western Europe (eleventh and twelfth centuries) and certain aspects of Byzantine iconography, for instance, the depiction of the archangel Michael of Chonai. More recently, he has focused on the religious soundscapes of the Byzantine Empire and its changes throughout history.

Selected publications:

  • ‘The fate of bells under Ottoman rule: Between destruction and negotiation’, in Angeliki Lymberopoulou (ed.), Proceedings of The 48th Spring Byzantine Symposium, The Open University, Milton Keynes 2015 (Routledge, forthcoming).
  • ‘Interacción entre latinos y bizantinos en vísperas de la Cuarta Cruzada (1204): el testimonio de Teodoro Balsamón’, Estudios bizantinos 4 (2016, 176-185).
  • ‘From Greek into Latin: Western scholars and translators in Constantinople during the reign of John II’, in Alessandra Bucossi and Alex Rodriguez Suarez (eds.), John II Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium: In the shadow of father and son (London, 2016): 91-109.
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