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Katherina Kokinova

Katherina Kokinova Sofia University
Politics of (Un)Reading
Advanced Academia Platform

Katherina B. Kokinova, PhD in Slavic literatures; part-time instructor of Polish literature at the Sofia U (spring 2017-); independent scholar; PhD dissertation: The Self-reflection in Witold Gombrowicz’s and Vladimir Nabokov’s Oeuvre (2016). K. Kokinova is the editor of the Bulgarian translation of Nabokov's Laughter in the Dark (Colibri, 2013); a co-editor, with Bogdana Paskaleva, of the special issue on reception theories of the e-journal Littera et Lingua; a co-editor, with Kamelia Spassova and Maria Kalinova, of a special issue of Literary newspaper on Vladimir Nabokov (#23/2013). Proud Fulbright alumna at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of California, Berkeley (fall 2014).

At present, Kokinova is translating W. Gombrowicz's Cosmos for Panorama Publishers and preparing a compilation of selected short stories by V. Nabokov for Colibri Publishers. Research interests: Comparative Literature, 20th-c. transnational metafiction, reception theories, theories of the novel, cognitive reception theory; authorial instructions, the role of the reader in metafiction; Nabokov, Gombrowicz, Kundera, Bulgakov.

  • Kokinova, K. Lolita Reading Lolita: the Rhetoric of Reader Participation. Nabokov Studies, 2016, vol. 14: 59-77.
  • Kokinova, K. What Is the Role of Parentheses in Gombrowicz’s and Nabokov’s Works? Linguistic World, 2013, vol. 11, book 1: 85-88.
  • Kokinova, K. Is there a Reader in this Text? The Good, the Patron and the Dear. (A Brief Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Reader’s Galaxy). [open access e-journal] Littera et Lingua, 2016, vol. 13, book 1: Special issue on reception theories.


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