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RAGE (Hate Speech and Populist Othering in Europe: through the Racism, Age, Gender Looking Glass) is a comparative research project funded by the European Commission's Directorate General Justice, under the Scientific Programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship". The project examines populist political discourse and its effect on those "othered" by such discourse, particularly in the context of economic austerity and dwindling opportunities for young people. Eight academic institutions covering nine EU member states (UK, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria, Finland and Slovenia) participate in the project consortium.

The research work takes for its starting point contemporary debates on "hate speech and behaviour" and focuses on particular movements, groups or political parties in the respective countries, and the opposing organisations that are the protagonists of such debate. It examines the definition, production and perception of "hate speech" and "hate crime", and how young people in Europe engage with or oppose these politics and actions. Through engagement with civil society organisations the researchers also study the effects of such populism and the discourses of those who seek to challenge "populist othering".
The project is being developed through three interlocking work-streams, implemented through an integrated multi-method approach (content analysis of on-line sources, digital ethnography, participant-observation and biographical interviews). Furthermore, round tables and conferences will be organized within the framework of the project, in order to make a larger impact on civil society by addressing the sources of "othering" speech (racist, xenophobic or homophobic) in terms of societal trends, political action and communication, generational problems and subjective perceptions.

The project implementation is coordinated by the University of Leicester and will run for two years (from 1st February 2013 until 31st January 2015). The following scholars are involved in this project on behalf of CAS:

Senior researchers:

  • Associate Prof. Anna Krasteva
  • Associate Prof. Diana Mishkova

Junior researchers:

  • Ildiko Otova
  • Evelina Staykova
  • Vanya Ivanova
  • Denitza Kamenova


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