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CAS Atelier for Biographical Research

CAS Atelier for Biographical Research (CAS Discussion Series)


  • Nadya Alexandrova “Gender, Migration, Europe – Positions in the Constellation” (Results of the International Project “Women as Subjects in Migration and Marriage” (2001-2004))
  • Miglena Ivanova (Institute for Folklore) “The Black Famine in the Autobiographical Stories of the Bessarabian Bulgarians”
  • Nadya Gulubova “Between Narrative and Written: The Memories of the First Graduates from the Foreign Language School in Lovetch" 
  • Alexander Kiossev (Sofia University, CAS Sofia): "Parallel Biographies: Ognyan Doynov and Lybomir Levchev" 
  • Nikolay Nenov and Dessislava Dimitrova (Regional History Museum, Rousse): "Biographies of Towns. The Oral Stories of Rousse and Toutrakan"
  • Galia Simeonova (Ethnographical Institute and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): "The Letters of Tonka Paunova as Authobiographical Documents" 
  • Mihail Gruev (Sofia University): "Lyudmila Zhivkova" (joint session) 
  • Milena Benovska (New Bulgarian University, Sofia): "Complaints of Citizens as Biographical Tales - 40`s - 50`s" Peter Vodenicharov (South-West University, Blagoevgrad): "Strategies of Self-Presentation" 
  • Session on Gabriele Rosenthal`s method 
  • Bozhidar Ivkov (Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): "Validism - forms of Discrimination Against People with Disabilities. Theses on Studying People with Disabilities Using a Biographical Method" 
  • Daniela Koleva (Sofia University): "Work in Life Stories" 
  • Anastasiya Pashova (South-West University, Blagoevgrad): "Tradition and Trends of the Gypsies` Culture of Closeness" 
  • Anelia Kasabova (Ethnographic Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): "Categories ‘Chance’ and ‘Fortune’ in Scholars` Biographical Narratives"
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