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"Academic Dialogues" Guest Lecture SeriesParallel to CAS’ successful guest-lecture programme with prominent international scholars, in 2006 the Centre launched its Bulgarian guest-lecture series under the title `Academic Dialogues`. The idea behind the series that is supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science is to provide a presentation platform for vanguard and innovative research communities in Bulgaria working in the social sciences and humanities. Under the series CAS invites distinguished Bulgarian scholars and leaders of research groups to present the mission, the history, the activities and the research results of the group at the monthly ‘Academic Dialogues’ lecture. Besides the presentation of the academic group, the audience attracted by the series enjoys listening to a specialised lecture within the group’s area of research and representative of its methodology, and can participate in the vivid discussions concluding each event.

EVENTSMay 11, 2006

Assoc. Prof. Boicho Kokinov, director of the Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science presented the mission and activities of the Center and gave the lecture `Do we Remember the Past, or do we Construct it? Is Human Memory an Illusion?`


June 8, 2006

Prof. Georgi Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof. Svetla Strashimirova, Valentin Danchev (Association for Social Research and Applied Research Practices) presented the mission and activities of the Association. prof. Dimitrov gave the lecture `The Crisis of Bulgarian Education as a Symptom of the Anachronism of the Contemporary State Governance`.

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October12, 2006

Prof. Tzotcho Boyadjiev and Prof. Georgi Kapriev (Institute for Medieval Philosophy and Culture) presented the mission and activities of the Institute. Prof. Tzotcho Boyadjiev gave the lecture `Rome - a Faraway City`.

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November 9, 2006

Prof. Alexander Fedotoff presented the history, publishing activities and programmes of the Centre for Eastern Languages and Cultures (Sofia University) and gave the lecture: `Daoist Escapism in the Medieval Korean Poetry`

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