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Finalized Programmes

Sofia Academic NEXUS Project: ‘How to Think about the Balkans: Culture, Region, Identities’


The Sofia Academic NEXUS: `How to think about the Balkans: Culture, Region, Identities` is the biggest so far international and interdisciplinary research project of CAS for which the Centre provided the scholarly supervision, the organization of the regular discussions and workshops, the selection, together with the NEXUS senior scholars, of the junior fellows, and the overall co-ordination and control of the quality of research.

CAS Atelier for Biographical Research

The CAS Atelier for Biographical Research is a forum working on a monthly basis and gathering researchers from a broad range of disciplines (history, sociology, ethnology, literary theory, cultural studies) and a variety of institutes (universities, research institutes, museums) to share experience of research which is based on oral and written personal documents (auto/biographies, life stories, memoirs, diaries, etc.). The aim is to map out the field and create a research community through fostering interdisciplinary exchange, discussions on method and theory, comparisons of cases and interpretive approaches.

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