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Finalized Programmes

Negotiating Modernity: History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe

Negotiating Modernity: History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe


The Negotiating Modernity Project maps the history of East-Central European political thought from the late eighteenth to the early twenty-first century. Paying attention to both the intra- and extra-regional interferences, and breaking the duality of Western “core” and Eastern “periphery”, it is meant to contribute to the emergence of a truly European perspective of intellectual history. The researchers answer questions about the key components of European political thought, formulated on the basis of a regional and trans-regional comparative analysis.

Modernity and Identity


The "Modernity and Identity" programme for independent research grants is financed by the Bulgarian Fund for Scientific Research and is intended to support young and excellent Bulgarian scholars from the field of the social sciences and the humanities with various thematic, disciplinary and methodological interests.

Regimes of Historicity and Discourses of Modernity and Identity, 1900-1945, in East-Central, Southeastern and Northern Europe


The “Regimes of Historicity” project has undertaken a comparative analysis of the various ideological traditions dealing with the connection between modernity and historicity, modernity and temporality, in three “small-culture” European regions: East-Central, Southeastern, and Northern Europe. It has aimed to reconstruct the ways in which different “temporalities” and time horizons produced alternative (national) representations of the past.

Shaken Order: Authority and Social Trust in Post-Communist Societies - Case Studies in Law


This two-year international interdisciplinary project aims to investigate the dynamics and especially the tendency towards deterioration of authority and social trust in the field of law in the overall context of globalisation, placing a special accent on the (European) post-totalitarian societies.




Within the framework of the SCOPES Program the Seminar für Zeitgeschichte, Department of Contemporary History, Religious Science and Social Anthropology of the University of Fribourg and the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia seek to facilitate network co-operation between scholars and institutions with the aim to promote excellent cross-cultural research and develop a new curriculum in studying modern nationalism in the “small states” of Europe. This co-operation can only be realized through intensive and regular interaction and socialization between the participants representing divergent academic and cultural backgrounds.

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