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Living with or versus Nature? - Mitigation of Human-Bear Conflicts as a Bridge towards "politics of conviviality"

The project presents a novel for the Bulgarian anthropological field research on a relevant for the Bulgarian environmental policy problem - the human-bear conflicts in the Region of Rodopi mountains, Bulgaria. Mitigation of human-carnivore conflicts is a major challenge to conservation efforts worldwide as well as priority matter in the context of the most relevant debates regarding the development of new conservation models - the so called “convivial” conservation, based on the notion of cohabitation of humans and animals in the context of the new European (and global) realities. The project undertakes these calls by proposing a research on human-carnivor conflicts in a region where people and bears share a common space, failing to find mechanisms for succesful coexistance. It aims to outline the core reasons for the conflicts, asses the inadequacies of the applied conservation policies and contribute to the current conservation debates, boosting the conservation efforts of the Brown bear and Bulgarian conservation policy in particular.

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