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Inventing “Sexuality”: Capitalism, Nationalism and Ethnologic Knowledge Production in XIX and Beginning of XX Century

This research is aimed at studying the role of ethnography in the creating of modern sexuality at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century. If according to Foucault, modern ‘sexuality’ emerged in XIX century, then a reasonable question is: what kind of ‘ethnographic data’ was used in order to construct 'peasants’ sexuality'? What did ethnographers do when they studied ‘sexuality’ in the culture that did not possess either the notion of sexuality or any modern politics of sexuality? Whether we can restore semantic systems that designated and regulated the sphere of genital pleasure in the pre-modern times and cultures? In my study, designed from queer theory and other post-structuralist constructionist perspectives, I will be looking for the answers to the questions that are aimed at historicizing sexuality and contextualizing the ethnographic knowledge production.

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