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«January 2020»

Viviana Iacob

Viviana Iacob Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity, University of Bucharest
Socialist Internationalists: Romanian Theatre Practitioners during Détente (1955-1975)
Advanced Academia Platform

Viviana Iacob is currently affiliated with the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity at the University of Bucharest. Between 2015 and 2017 she has been a member of the project Turning Global: Socialist Experts during the Cold War (1960s 1980s) (https://globalsocialistexperts.wordpress.com/ ). Her scholarly focus is on theatre history after 1945 in Eastern Europe, theatre internationalists during the Cold War and the role of recent history archives in performance research.  She has defended her PhD thesis entitled Shakespeare Performances: A Study of Socialist Realism in Romanian Theatre (1946-1964) at the University of Bucharest/Doctoral School of Literary and Cultural Studies. She has a BA in Art History and Theory from the Art History and Theory Department, National University of Arts Bucharest and an MA in Theatre History from Illinois State University (2005 – 2007). She is the recipient of a Junior Fulbright Scholarship and of several research grants awarded by the Romanian state.

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