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Maya Grekova

Maya Grekova Sofia University
Rethinking the process of Roma minority integration (The Bulgarian case)
Advanced Academia Platform

Dr. Habil. Maya Grekova is a professor in Sociology at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski'. The main topics in her research involve human/social similarities and differences, communities and minorities, rights and discrimination, Roma isolation and integration. Among her books are: I and the Other (Dimensions of Strangeness in Posttotalitarian Society). Sofia: Sofia University Press, 1996. (in Bulg.), Minority: Social Construction and Experience. Sofia: Critique and Humanism, 2001. (in Bulg.), Roma in Sofia: from Isolation to Integration? (With V. Dimitrova, D. Kjuranov, N. Germanova, J. Markova.). Sofia: East/West, 2008. (in Bulg.), Discrimination as a Social Practice (Bulgaria 2008-2010). (With М. Kosseva, I. Kjurkchieva, О. Avramov) Sofia: IMIR, 2010. (bilingual edition).

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