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Ivaylo Nachev

Ivaylo Nachev Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology, BAS
The Politics of Street Names: Naming and Renaming Public Spaces in the Bulgarian Capital City of Sofia, 1878 - 2018
Independent Fellowship programme for Bulgarian Junior Scholars and Bulgarian Academic Diaspora

Ivaylo Nachev is an assistant professor at the Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has MA degrees in Modern History of Southeast Europe (Sofia University) and European Studies (University of Amsterdam), and obtained his PhD degree at Sofia University with a dissertation representing a comparative study of urban modernization in Southeast Europe. Dr. Nachev has participated in a number of scientific projects and has specialised in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Bern. Among his latest major publications is the urban studies monograph Sofia and the Balkan modernity (co-author). His main research interests are in economic and social history 19th-20th century, urban history, history of science and technology.

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