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Hristo Hristozov

Hristo Hristozov Centre for Regional Studies and Analyses at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
Ecology of Religious Shift in the Ottoman Mountains: Long-term Environmental Changes, Social Transformations and Conversion to Islam in the Nevrokop District, 15th – 18th C
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Hristo Hristozov defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of History at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in May 2017. In his thesis, he analyzes the interaction between ecological change and social transformations in the Ottoman Rhodope Mountains in the 16th and the 17th century. During his PhD studies Hristo specialized at the Leibniz Center Modern Orient, Berlin (2016-2017) where he participated in the research team “The Politics of Resources”. As a fellow of the American Research Center in Sofia and of Sofia University's Center of Excellence in the Humanities "Alma Mater", Hristo had the opportunity to work within the Ottoman archives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hristo’s research interests are focused on the Ottoman social and economic history and the  Environmental history. For better understanding of past historical processes he attempts to combine information of archival sources with data from natural sciences such as Dendrochronology, Paleobotany and Paleoclimathology.   

Selected publications:

  • „Overcrowding the Mountains in the Ottoman Balkans: Social and ecological dimensions of the demographic crisis in the district (kaza) of Nevrokop during the 15th – early 18th centuries.“ (submitted for publication at Südost-Forschungen, 77 (2018))
  • “The Ottoman town of İpsala from the second half of the 14th to the end of the 16th century.” in Daniela Stoyanova, Grigor Boykov and Ivaylo Lozanov (eds.) Cities in Western Thrace: Continuity and Transformation (Sofia: “St. Kliment Ohridski” University Press, 2017), 161-182
  • “Natural Resources, Social Dynamics and Urbanization: the Transformation of Peshtera form a Village into a Town (XV – early XVII c.),” Godishnik na Regionalen Istoricheski Muzey – Pazardzik, 8 (2017), 74-93 (in Bulgarian)
  • “Demographic and urban development of the town of Asenovgrad, from the 15th to the 17th centuries. İstaniamaka, Anbelânoş and Yeni köy.” in: Grigor Boykov and Damyan Borisov (eds.), Stenimachos – Stanimaka – Asenovgrad. Contributions to the Study and Development of Socio-Economic and Religious History of the City and its Region. Proceedings of the Scholarly Workshop held in 2-3 May 2014 (Asenovgrad: Dikov Press 2014), 105-156 (in Bulgarian)
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