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Alexey Pamporov

Alexey Pamporov Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Socio-legal Study of Asylum Refusals in Bulgaria
Advanced Academia Platform

Alexey Pamporov holds PhD degree in Sociology from The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2006) and MA degree in Cultural Studies from  Sofia University (2001). He has specialized Qualitative Methods in Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (2003-2005) and Advanced Teaching Methods in Central European University (2006). Since 2014 he is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Pamporov lectures as an adjunct professor in Sociology of the family; Electoral sociology; Romany history and culture and Anthropological demography at Sofia University and Policy relevant demography; and Roma in Europe – marginalization and integration at Plovdiv University.

In parallel with his academic career, he has about ten years of experience in the non-governmental sector as a Head of Research Unit of Open Society Institute – Sofia (2007-2016). He was managing or coordinating for Bulgaria several international projects in collaboration with The World bank, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP and FRA.

His main fields of expertise are Romany people; prejudices and social exclusion; family and population policies; as well as data gathering and data development. His main publications are the monographs Romany everyday life in Bulgaria (2006) and Social distances and stereotypes about the minorities in Bulgaria (2009), but he has about a hundred articles and policy briefs in international and Bulgarian academic editions and public policy journals.

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