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Georgi Niagolov

Georgi Niagolov Department of English and American Studies, Sofia University
Educational Board Game for Teaching Literature
"How to Teach Europe" Fellowship Programme

Georgi Niagolov teaches English medieval and Renaissance literature at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where in 2010 he defended doctoral dissertation on Shakespeare’s wordplay. During the last 10 years, he has been trying to kindle students’ enthusiasm about the benefits and the pleasure of careful reading, he has also been experimenting with new pedagogies, and reflecting on how to increase the quality and utility of learning.

Georgi believes that good education, focused not only on knowledge but also on skills and values, that increases the employability of graduates and creates freethinking, responsible citizens, is the key to building a just, tolerant and prosperous society, and therefore he is gradually shifting his research interest to pedagogy and educational organisation.

Recent publication:


  • Georgi Niagolov, Shakespeare's Wordplay and Possible Worlds, Sofia University Press, 2011 (monograph);
  • Georgi Niagolov. Labours Lost or Labours Won: Teaching Shakespeare through Performance at Sofia University. Pedagogy, vol. 84, issue 4, 2012.
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