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Bulgarian Communism - Debates and Interpretations

Editors - Mihail Gruev and Diana Mishkova
CAS / RIVA Publishers

Bulgarian Communism - Debates and Interpretations

Edited by Mihail Gruev and Diana Mishkova, ISBN 978-954-320-434-2

This collection compiles research materials that came as a result from a round table discussion titled Bulgarian Communism - Two Decades Later (2011) which was organized by NGOs and representatives of the academic circles in Bulgaria. The research papers are dedicated to the current state of research and the public reflection on the communist regime in Bulgaria after its collapse. The book, containing a selection of the research studies, was edited by Mihail Gruev and Diana Mishkova. It combines not only historical, but also anthropological, sociological and cultural research studies. It largely reflects different standpoints on the problem and represents the further development of the scientific debate and provides for a more general historical discussion on thinking about the communist past and how it permeates the present. Being provoked by the impression shared among professional historians and public activists that, twenty years later, Bulgarian society is still infused with nostalgia for state socialism, this book intends to discuss not only the historical but also the ethical implications of this phenomenon.

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