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The (Un)Established Rule of Law in Bulgaria

Ivo Hristov - Editor
CAS / Riva Publishers

The volume under the title "The (Un)Established Rule of Law in Bulgaria" was published in September 2012 as part of the CAS Research Forum series. This volume comes as a result of the CAS Discussion Series "Consolidation/Disintegration of Public Institutions and Political Process", (2010-2011). The volume is genealogically related to a recently completed CAS international project, "Shaken Order: Authority and Social Trust in Post-Communist Societies - Case Studies in Law". The volume includes papers by: Ivo Hristov (Plovdiv University), editor of the volume and project convenor of the Shaken Order Project and the Consolidation/Disintegration Discussion Series, and the following project participants: Ivan Bilyarski (Institute of History, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Venelin Ganev (Department of Political Science, Miami University, USA), Martin Kanushev (New Bulgarian University), Jani Kirov (Max-Planck-Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Germany), Diana Mishkova (CAS), Atanas Slavov (Sofia University), Daniel Smilov (Sofia University) and Linka Toneva (Sofia University).

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