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Nikolai Genchev (1931-2000) – between nationalism and liberalism, between power and dissidence, pseudoscience and science

The project is an attempt to problematize the political and scientific routes of one of the most prominent figures among the Bulgarian intelligentsia in the period of communist rule – Nikolai Genchev (1931-2000). The published commemorative volumes (2002, 2012), memoirs, documentaries (2011) as well as Iv. Znepolski research (2016)  do not cancel the growing need to speak about  N. Genchev's heritage critically and analytically, with the tools and horizons of modern historiographical analysis. That is why in this project I will try to answer many questions that were not answered in the mentioned publications, including some important issues that were just sketched in some previous studies. The first group of questions concerns Genchev’s political and intellectual formations in 1950s and 1960s. Special attention will be put to Genchev and his role for the legitimization of a sacred national narrative. One of the main focuses of the project will be the very specific and often self-restrained dissident thinking of Genchev. Special module of my project will be the analysis of highly debatable and contestable N. Genchev’s memoires. The Genchev’s break up with the Faculty of History and the journey to the Faculty of Philosophy will be the final step in my analysis.

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