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Advanced Academia Public Lectures 2018

15 March 2018

CAS Public Lecture Series will be held every Wednesday (between 21 March and 16 May 2018) at 18:00h at the Sofia City Library on 4, Slaveykov Square. You are cordially welcome.


21 March 2018 (Viara Hall), Milena Iakimova, Sofia University: Fear Management and Social Governmentality

28 March 2018 (Viara Hall), Maya Grekova, Sofia University: Rethinking the Process of Roma Minority Integration (the Bulgarian Case)

4 April 2018 (Viara Hall), Hriso Gyoshev, New Bulgarian University: Grounding Recognition Anew: Challenges to Honneth's Recognition Paradigm and Possibilities of Empirical Support for the Creative Social Theory

11 April 2018 (Victoria Hall), Daniela Kalkandzhieva, Sofia University: The Russian Orthodox Church in Contemporary Geopolitics: Ecclesiastical Aspects

18 April 2018 (Victoria Hall), Iva Manova, Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge: History of Philosophy and National Identities during the Communist Regime: Studies on Avicenna and Al-Farabi in the Soviet Union (1950s - 1980s)

9 May 2018 (Victoria Hall), Kalin Kirilov, Sofia University: The Ducatus of Philippopolis: Balkan Crusader Lordship in Historical and Folklore Memory

16 May 2018 (Victoria Hall), Martin Ossikovski, University of National and World Economy: Pre-Miltonian Flashes of ‘the Liberty to Know, to Utter, and to Argue Freely'

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