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Atanas Slavov

Atanas Slavov Sofia University
Challenges to Constitutional Supremacy in a New Democracy: Critical Study of Bulgaria
Shaken Order: Authority and Social Trust in Post-Communist Societies - Case Studies in Law

brief informationDr Atanas Slavov received his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Law, Sofi a University, in 2008. His PhD studies related to Safeguards for the Supremacy of the Constitution. His primary research interests are in the fi elds of constitutionalism, Open societies and Christian culture, administrative justice and citizens' rights, legal regimes of social services and cultural organisations.

Dr Slavov has combined his studies with lectureships in Constitutional Law at Sofi a University (2005 - present) and on advocacy within PHARE Civil Society Development Program, Bulgaria (2006), with legal consultancy at The Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-profi t Law (2005 - present), and the Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law (2008). He also served as a legal expert / researcher on the administrative justice reform with the Ministry of Justice (2006).

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